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  • "move team" composition
  • importance of department involvement in move decisions
  • libraries: planning a move around patrons
  • create an inventory that is really useful
  • formulate a realistic move plan
  • what you should know about origin and destination locations
  • supervising a move
  • pre-qualify movers and installers
  • libraries: keep staff busy during a move
  • highly structured RFP/RFQ preparation
  • how to evaluate proposals
  • libraries: inventory collections and shelving
  • effective employee communication and education
  • packing tips
  • logical move order
  • how to sort through mounds of sales material to find the right moving companies
  • libraries: measuring and tagging your collection
  • customized move management solutions
  • equipment and/or computer prep
  • how to reconcile your vendor invoices

An in-depth session, presented by Bobbie Gordon and Robin M Stern, CMC, principals of Relocation Advisers Ltd. The workshop lasts approximately 7 hours. To allow time for more interaction, attendance should be limited to no more than 20-25 people. Each participant receives a comprehensive manual.

Workshop is held at your
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